Providing for a Lifetime – Summer 2021


Audrey Veltri, IG Wealth Management

July 2021
Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP’s) certainly come with many rules, as discussed in the 2021 winter edition of Providing for a Lifetime. They are also accompanied by some beneficial planning opportunities in the form of rollovers. These tools were introduced with the goal of giving more flexibility and providing greater long-term financial security for supporting loved ones with a disability.

Providing for a Lifetime – Spring 2021


Audrey Veltri, IG Wealth Management

April 2021
The 2021 Federal Budget announcement on April 19, 2021 was delivered by Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland. The proposal unveiled a historic $101.5 billion dollars in new spending focused on many issues including extending pandemic supports, a national childcare plan, increases to minimum wage, an investment in climate change and green initiatives, and some much-needed changes to the Disability Tax Credit, DTC.

Providing for a Lifetime – Winter 2021

How do you take the money out?
January 2021

Audrey Veltri, IG Wealth Management

RDSP’s are arguably the best method of saving and fortifying long-term financial security for persons living with a disability in Canada. The account created in 2008 is just over a decade old and we are only just beginning to see the positive impacts within the community. Awareness is beginning to cultivate and information on how to access and effectively structure contributions, grants and bonds is beginning to spread, albeit there is still much work to be done.

Buds in Bloom: Turning Points … Sleep

To say Ricky changed the dynamics of our household is like saying huskies only shed a little bit. A serious understatement to say the least.
Ricky to Eddie is the Sun to the Moon; complete opposites in every way possible.
Eddie was a calm child who loved to play with his Lego in the same place for hours on end watching the TV. He would have a nap in the early afternoon, get up content and have something to eat while smiling at the dogs.

Providing for a Lifetime – Fall 2020


October 2020

Audrey Veltri, IG Wealth Management

Prior to the pandemic Canadians with disabilities and their families experienced drastically higher than average rates of underemployment, unemployment, and poverty. COVID has widened this gap and created an even larger financial burden for persons with disabilities and their families. The onset of COVID-19 has led to increased hardship in the healthcare system, the workplace, the community, and even in the home, due to limited access to disability supports.

Providing for a Lifetime


April 2020

Audrey Veltri, IG Wealth Management & Amanda L.C. Bruni, Bruni Law

The spring of 2018 saw the passing of “An Act to Strengthen Financial Security for Persons with Disabilities” or more commonly referred to as ‘Bill 5’ or’ The Henson Trust Bill’. (This amended the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act and Regulations.)
The amended legislation is now well underway and offers Albertans more confidence and the ability to plan without the fear of negatively impacting your loved one’s future eligibility for social assistance programs, such as AISH.