Become A Member

Are you interested in joining the network of contributors from coast to coast, to offer children from birth to 12 years of age who have autism or another disability access to personalized support services? To submit your request to be part of the cause, apply to be a Collective Member or contact us for further details on opportunities to be a Sponsor, in kind donor or Corporate Donor at

Eligibility Criteria to be a Collective Member

1- Be an organization, agency or group that provides professional or community services to support children and/or their family in a major city of the province of Quebec or the province of Alberta. Examples of professional or community services are expertise in diagnostic evaluations, treatment, therapy, intervention or other support services such as financial support, parent and family support groups or parent education, workshops for children and families. 

2- Share a common goal or interest of ensuring that every child and family blooms today. In brief, Collective Members are committed to advancing our mission.

3- Duly pay the annual membership fee. At this time, the fee is nominal: $100. Updates to annual fees are sent in advance to all active members.

Ask for the Membership Application form today. Collective Members may provide support services in domains such as medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, social work, councelling, special education, psychoeducation, behavioural analysis, recreational therapy, and other fields of healthcare ans social services, education, sports/leisure, and family support such as finances, and more. Eligibility to be Collective Member is determined by the Board of Directors. Either the Buds in Bloom Secretary or President will let you know if your application is accepted. Once accepted, for the annual membership fee, benefits include the privilege to have a voice and vote on matters regarding Buds in Bloom, and to learn about opportunities, projects and plans before they are shared with the public. Members of the Network of Companies are invited to the Annual General Assemblies and special meetings of Buds in Bloom.

The Buds in Bloom network of contributors also includes Donors and Sponsors of the cause, and child sponsors. Contributors allow for children and/or their family to enjoy a wide range of personalized programs according to the needs and resources of each child and family. We invite you to contribute to accelerate access to support services for all children and their family. For more information, contact us at

When a family wants to open a file at Buds in Bloom, the needs and resources of the child and family are evaluated to create a personalized paediatric program. Click this link to learn more about our program for children and their family

To join the network of contributors, please send an email to with a letter of motivation, and ask for the application form. Friends include generous donors and sponsors of fundraising events.