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Together Everyone Achieves More
Thank you to our Team of volunteers who generously give their time and talents!

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The sky’s the limit when your heart is in it!

Buds in Bloom is a volunteer-run organization. Our Team works in Child and Family Care Coordination/Navigation, Administrative Services, Blog Writing, Reporting and Information Sharing, Information Technology, Marketing and Public Relations, Fundraising, and other projects and programs.

With their generosity, Buds in Bloom can provide children and their family access to support services. We are extremely grateful.

Board of Directors (Volunteers)

Collin Goes Lori Bonnett Tare Bozimo Jaime Winkler
Collin Goes, Director, Chartered Professional Accountant and Dad
More about Collin…
Lori Bonnett, Director, Lawyer, Mom & Grandma
More about Lori…
Tare Bozimo, Director,
MBA, Project Manager/Professional Services Consultant and Dad

More about Tare…
Jaime Winkler, Director and CAP Chair
More about Jaime…


Melissa Dobson Chair of CAP Kevan Lillace Dr Michèle Hébert
Dr. Melissa Dobson, Director and Chair of ITC,
Associate Chair, Bachelor of Technology program and Mom

More about Dr. M…
Kevan Lillace, Director, Businessman and Dad
More about Kevan…
Dr. Michèle L. Hébert, Founder and Chair,
Postdoctoral Scholar at the UA Faculty
of Rehabilitation Medicine and Step-Mom
More about Dr. M…

Digital Storytelling Team

IG Wealth Management_Audrey Veltri Jayne Asekhauno Heather Loewen Will Edington Jade Oldfield
Audrey Veltri,
Project Lead, Blog Writer
Jayne Asekhauno,
DS Facilitator
Heather Loewen,
Parent Advocate and
CAP Volunteer
Will Edington,
DS Facilitator
Jade Oldfield,
DS Coordinator

Our Core Team (Volunteers)

2023 Star Volunteer:Star Volunteer
Michelle Lu Rama Thapa Sandra Fellger Asmita Shahi Cao Bao Ngoc Tran
Michelle Lu,
Report Impact
Committee Member
Rama Thapa,
Report Impact
Committee Member
Sandra Fellger,
Online Auction Coordinator
Ashmita Shahi,
Report Impact
Committee Member
Star Volunteer
Cao Bao Ngoc Tran,
IT Member
Josiah Soliman Volunteer Andre Grandpierre_Voice Actor Raghu Mohindru_IT Business Analyst_crop Tracey Kukurutz_Executive Assistant
Shope Johnson,
UX Designer
Josiah Soliman,
Events Representative
André Grandpierre,
Report Impact
Committee Member
Raghu Mohindru,
IT Business Analyst
Tracey Kukurudz,
Executive Assistant
Stephen Koyanagi IT Developer Denise Lagace
Shafoon Saleem,
Administrative Assistant,
Stephen Koyanagi,
IT Developer
Denise Lagace,
Fundraising Manager

Project Volunteers

Megan Roberts_2019-06 Tanya_Ramirez_2019-06 Steve Lambert Book Keeper Nainshree_Mehrotra_2019-06 John Brian Navarro
Megan Roberts,
Tanya Ramirez,
Steve Lambert,
Nainshree Mehrotra,
John Brian Navarro,

Vacant Positions

Available_Position Available_Position Available_Position Available_Position Available_Position
Grant Writer,
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Communications Manager
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Donor Stewardship Specialist
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How to Join the Team?

Learn more about available positions here…

Are you retired, a student or a full time corporate worker with a giving heart, some free time and devotion to make a difference?

Contribute your talent and professional expertise to advance the cause. Whether you can give two days a year or regular weekly hours, we have a wide variety of roles you can play. A world of opportunities awaits! Apply today to learn how you may unite with our efforts to help our children and families!

Email us at info@BudsinBloom.org with your resume, accompanied by a brief letter of motivation describing the contribution you want to make to advance the mission.