Our mission

Together, co-creating a world where every child and family are given a chance to bloom today.

Our vision

We envision a world where all children of neurodiversity and their families are connected to community support resources that they need in health, education, social services, sports, leisure, recreation and financial programs, when they need them.

Our mandate

We connect families to community. Buds in Bloom was founded to respond to an overwhelming demand to seek, find and access child and family support services. We co-create life-changing community connections for Canadian families of children with neurodiversity. Connections help transform stress into relief, discouragement into hope, helplessness into empowerment, and isolation into togetherness. We look forward to your involvement in making our movement stronger. Click to learn more about our services.

Our values and beliefs

We believe in relief.
We believe that new action and new results start with knowing that we care, and that families are not alone.

We believe in hope.
We believe that timely access to treatments, support services and community connection is possible today.

We believe in empowerment.
We believe that parents are the key advocates to providing a good quality of life to their children, and that it takes a village to raise a child.

We believe in togetherness.
We believe that society’s wellbeing and wellness start with our collective help for every child and family to contribute in their way.

More about us

Combining commitment, creativity and compassion, our Corporation connects and capacity builds like no other. Our philosophy is to work with and for children and families. Children and their family are our future, and therefore helping them is at the heart of what we do!

Buds in Bloom is a Registered Charity since 2021 that provides one-on-one, small group and online programmes as a foundation for connection and wellness for families raising children with neurodiversity (disabilities).

Buds in Bloom helps by providing three programmes, with volunteers who provide the programmes, donors who provide support for sustainability, and members with lived expertise who ensure that our programmes benefit families by bringing Relief, Hope, Empowerment and Togetherness.

One of the reasons for Buds in Bloom’s success (as evidenced by parent testimonials and government funding) is that rather than offer traditional provider-created programmes, we deliver programmes that are co-created with families.

Together, we bring relief, hope and empowerment today.

Buds in Bloom, volunteer-run organization, was founded in 2019 to respond to the overwhelming barriers encountered when help-seeking for children with neurodiversity and families; an under served community across Canada. Through Relief, Hope, Empowerment and Togetherness, we help connect families to community. Buds in Bloom is an innovative connection resource for families living with or at risk for a form of autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD or ADH-D) or developmental delay, physical or intellectual disability, or who require special attention i.e., academic, medical, integration or financial support. The umbrella terms for these conditions are disabilities and neurodisabilities. Thanks to our members, Volunteer Team and contributors who agree to swiftly take action, children and families can experience relief, hope and empowerment on average within a few weeks.

Because compassion is part of who we are.