What talents do you want to apply to impact children and families?

We are looking for volunteers to join our Team!

*** All volunteers must reside full time in Canada. ***

Most volunteering is done online!

Why volunteer for Buds in Bloom?

Flexible schedule; great cause! Volunteering with Buds in Bloom is a fantastic way to put your skills to work to help improve the lives of local children of neurodiversity and families. Buds in Bloom is made up of fun, friendly people who are committed to helping our families, and who use their talents in a way that is impactful and fulfilling. Together, we bring relief, hope and empowerment.


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Events Spring Blooms, Fashion Show

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A world of opportunities awaits. Join our volunteer Team or be added to our call list for short term opportunities like half-day to two-day volunteering.

How to Apply Today!
Email these 3 items to
  1. Your Resume
  2. A paragraph about your talents
  3. How your talents align with our mission and the position you are applying for

Applicants from diverse backgrounds, including age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, language, national origin, race, religion, culture, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status, are encouraged to apply. Our commitment is demonstrated in who we are, what we stand for and how we work together.