What talents do you want to apply to impact children and families?

We are looking for volunteers to join our Team!

*** All volunteers must reside full time in Canada. ***

Most volunteering is done online!

Why volunteer for Buds in Bloom?

Flexible schedule; great cause! Volunteering with Buds in Bloom is a fantastic way to put your skills to work to help improve the lives of local children of neurodiversity and families. Buds in Bloom is made up of fun, friendly people who are committed to helping our families, and who use their talents in a way that is impactful and fulfilling. Together, we bring relief, hope and empowerment.


Administration Champion! – Executive Assistant

The Administration Champion or Executive Assistant (EA) is responsible for administrative processes, structures and plans. Under the direction of the Board, the EA provides assistance with organisation, writing, communicating and scheduling using Google / gmail, Microsoft and other software. There may be the possibility to be remunerated up to 3.5 hours per week. The EA is essential to advancing the cause.

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Treasurer, Officer of the Board

The Treasurer, Officer of the Board, is responsible to chair the Finance Committee composed of two or three volunteers who move forward accounting matters. The Treasurer oversees accounting and budgets for the 3 programmes delivered to families, in addition to donations, sponsorships and annual membership dues that support the Registered Charity sustainability, by bringing Relief, Hope, Empowerment and Togetherness.

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Online Auction Coordinator

Are you a wiz with online platforms and have experience with auctions? Buds in Bloom is looking for an Auction Coordinator to set up and manage an online silent auction that will run for a few weeks leading up to the annual Benefit.

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Stewardship Specialist

The Stewardship Specialist is responsible to steward our donors and sponsors, and lead and run the long-term stewardship strategy to strengthen donor relationships and pipelines, including in kind and monetary gift-giving. The Stewardship Specialist reports directly to the Directors of the Board, and works closely with volunteer Committee members, together, bringing Relief, Hope, Empowerment and Togetherness.

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Team of Web Designer and Back-end Web Developer

The Web Design and Development team is made of two people who are responsible for front-end and back-end web design and development. The Web Team is savvy in self-starting and works independently.

The Web Designer is responsible to redevelop/rebrand, test and improve the English and French websites, and ensure that they are reliable, high-performance, quick page-loading, and secure. The Web Designer also leads hosting, database management, security, and good practices management.

The Back-end Web Developer is responsible to design and build a web application platform, mainly on the back-end of the web application platform, and, as needed, on the front end, following industry development and quality standards. The Back-end Web Developer is competent in writing optimized code and has experience in building interactive HTML interfaces using Javascript frameworks, and in developing software using Agile software development. Javascript and CSS are required. Assets are HTML5, JavaScript frameworks like Angular or Vue.js, NET MVC Framework or open source PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, and experience writing SQL queries in RDBMSs like MS SQL Server or MySQL.

The Web Team works with other web developers at Buds in Bloom and is critical to transforming the online world as we know it by bringing families Relief, Hope, Empowerment and Togetherness through web solutions.

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Events Specialist

The Events Specialist is responsible to lead and run an annual online auction and in-person fundraiser by researching venues, managing budgets, preparing workback schedules and task lists, coordinating event materials, managing attendees, updating project plans, sourcing promotional materials and onsite support. The Events Specialist is a savvy self-starter and works independently, with exceptional communication and customer service skills with a proven ability to cultivate strong relationships and partnerships with various stakeholders. The Event Specialist is organised and shows passion for quality and attention to detail. The Events Specialist is able to manage multiple projects and deliver on deadline. The Event Specialist is central to the advancement of the cause.

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Digital Marketer

The Digital Marketer is responsible to provide digital marketing support for all family programmes and benefit events, and plays a role in executing business development and digital marketing plans by leading and running social media posting, monitoring and engagement to include amplifying existing content. The Digital Marketer is highly organised and detail-oriented, and is a strong writer able to write in a variety of styles. Proficiency in using Google Suites, digital audio and video software or apps is required. The Digital Marketer is pivotal to achieving the Buds in Bloom vision.

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Give time

A world of opportunities awaits. Join our volunteer Team or be added to our call list for short term opportunities like half-day to two-day volunteering.

How to Apply Today!
Email these 3 items to
  1. Your Resume
  2. A paragraph about your talents
  3. How your talents align with our mission and the position you are applying for

Applicants from diverse backgrounds, including age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, language, national origin, race, religion, culture, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status, are encouraged to apply. Our commitment is demonstrated in who we are, what we stand for and how we work together.