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Lori Bonnett_Secretary_IMG_0428Lori Bonnett, Director, Lawyer, Mom & Grandma

I am a lawyer who has worked in the oil and gas sector for many years, and currently work for the City of Calgary. I have been an active volunteer in my community throughout the years, including Chair of the Board for Heart and Stroke of Alberta, NWT and Nunavut. I am currently a member of the Research Ethics Board at SAIT, and volunteer regularly at the Calgary Drop in Centre for the homeless. I wanted to engage in another volunteer activity, and when I saw a posting for a Board role at Buds in Bloom, I was very keen on participating. I feel that my skill sets are a good match for the organization, but like many others, am ultimately inspired by a desire to help children and families. I am a native Albertan, and currently reside in Calgary.

I have one daughter and two young grandsons.

Kevan LillaceKevan Lillace, Director, Businessman & Dad

Children are our future. The greater the positive impact we create today for our children, the stronger the fabric of society as they become adults. I chose to be involved with Buds in Bloom to do my part in creating hope and relief on a larger scale.

I have three children, and love being a Dad.

Collin GoesCollin Goes, Director, Chartered Professional Accountant, and Dad

As a holder of the Chartered Accountant and Chartered Professional Accountant designations, my experience stems from data analysis and interpreting those key metrics that drive organizations toward their strategic goals. Measuring and acting on meaningful data helps us achieve our intermediary goals and aligns us with our vision. We are not owners but merely leaseholders with a contract that will expire at any given time. What we do with our time on earth is up to us. We want to give our current and future generations the best possible chance to change the world for the better, and in doing so, we earn our stay. Children with neurodiversity if administered and provided support at the early stage will add significant contributions to society. We at Buds in Bloom are working to ensure that every child and family is provided with that opportunity.

I have two children: Cailyn and Ronan.

Jaime WinklerJaime Winkler, Director and CAP Chair

Dr. Melissa DobsonDr. Melissa Dobson, Director and Chair of ITC, Associate Chair, Bachelor of Technology program and Mom

I am happy to be a Buds in Bloom Director of the Board as I strive to move the needle to create a world where my children can live their best lives. They are all impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure, and will face life-long challenges due to their permanent brain damage. My goal in life has been to try to transform the world my children live in, and I hope that this goal will also help other families who are facing barriers to overcome challenges.

To learn about my experience as a parent, watch this 4-minute video called A Caregiver’s Journey.

Tare BozimoTare Bozimo, Director, MBA, Project Manager/Professional Services Consultant and Dad

As a volunteer of the Buds in Bloom family since 2018, I have been involved in hands-on Operations, gaining knowledge of the organization and developing relationships within the Team. Over time, I have desired to contribute to Buds in Bloom in a more strategic manner, and joining the board as a director is that opportunity. I also believe that I bring a different perspective from my experience in Development Planning, Project Management and Concept Engineering that adds value to Buds in Bloom.

I am the father of two young children.

CA - MicheleDr. Michèle Hébert, Chair, Postdoctoral Scholar, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and Step-Mom

My journey to transform the status quo for families living with a neurodiverse child started with a deepened understanding about the widening gaps in services delivered by hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centres and recreation programs; gaps that are found across Canada. My commitment is to make the difference for all children in Canada, no matter what their ability, as well as for their parents and siblings. Having practiced paediatric occupational therapy in the U.S.A. and Canada in several States and provinces respectively, since the mid 1990’s, it is evident that access to needed services in my native land of Canada is too often a bumpy road with back-ups, pot holes, road blocks, and traffic jams, like when funneling six lanes of traffic into one lane. This maze of dead ends can lead to distress, pain or suffering in children, parents and family members. All children and their families, regardless of their lived experience, have the right to support services, yet at this time, finding and accessing support services remains inaccessible for many of them. The urgent need to join brilliant minds, a shared vision and passionate hearts in helping our children and families overcome system barriers is unmistakable. Through partnership, in public, private and non-government sectors, all for this greater cause, let’s pool our resources, and leverage our human capital. You are invited to contribute to advancing our mission.

I have three accomplished and loving step-children (all adults today).

Dreams are realized. Together.

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Our Board of Directors is devoted to the advancement of our vision for children and their family. The Directors support the mission of the organization through their passion, their respective expertise and their shared belief that all children have the right to bloom today. Composed of talented and dedicated volunteers, the Board oversees the growth and the achievement of targets set, in collaboration with Our Team of volunteers who are all members of our Committees. Additional volunteers contribute for a day or two per year. Through their continuous and joint efforts, and their generous contribution, together we participate unequivocally to the transformation of service access challenges faced by children and their family.

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