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By Email: for general information, to apply for a position, to register a child, to sponsor a child and family, event, project or program, or to help the cause. to become a voting member.

Why by Email?

We are committed to being clear, transparent, comprehensive, consistent and confidential, and find written exchanges to be most secure by email, in order to safeguard our shared communications.


All telephone and in-person meetings are first confirmed by email. Following this initial email, let us know your preferred mode of communication moving forward.

In-Person Meetings:

Given the physical/social distancing directives, all meetings are held either by video conferencing or by telephone, and rarely in-person. The details of an in-person meeting are first confirmed by email, video conferencing or by telephone; by your preferred mode of communication (if known).

Facebook and Social Media Messaging:

All messages received on Facebook or through Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn will not be replied to without an email or telephone number. So, please let us know how to reach you. This approach serves to protect both you and us. Social media is not a secure platform to protect your privacy and confidentiality, and any message sent on these platforms may also be missed. Please write us an email to ensure that you receive a reply.

Mailing Address:

Buds in Bloom
600, 5920 MacLeod Trail South West
Calgary, Alberta T2H 0K2

See In-person Meetings for details on how to set up a face-to-face meeting.

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