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Together, bringing reliefhope and empowerment!

Learn why Buds in Bloom makes the difference.

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The Board is thrilled to share that Buds in Bloom is now a non-profit Federal Corporation and is can now serve Alberta since November 2019. 

Together, we are raising awareness and making a transformational impact.

LSaLM Team 2019

Reserve the date for the Annual General Meeting: Wednesday January 29th 2020

6:30 P.M. (Montreal time), 4:30 P.M. (Calgary time)

Not yet a voting member?  To become a member, contact us at info@BudsinBloom.org


Creating a world  of relief, hope and empowerment for every child and family living with varying abilities!

Because of contributors
over 300 children and families
got help to access a support service.
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How to help ?

Many ways to help our children and families in Calgary, Montreal or Quebec await you:

volunteer, become a member, sponsor an event, sponsor a child or give.

 For more information, email us at info@BudsinBloom.org


We are currently in the application process for our charitable status.

Charitable receipts are contingent on the approval of our application.