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We provide children and their family specialized services as near as possible to their place of residence, either at home, at daycare, at school, in a center or at a summer camp. The location of the services depends on the analysis of the child and family file, and the resources available in that geographic region.

We can help if you have a child 12 years age or younger, with a diagnosis or who is at risk of having a delay, disorder or disability, and who is waiting for medical services, therapy or specialized help from a health center or school in the public sector, or from a regular City program. Let us know today, so that we have the opportunity of orienting and referring you to our network of partners, sooner rather than later.

Looking for help to pay for therapeutic services? We invite you to make a request to the President Choice Children Foundation. For more information, click here. Other financing options are also possible, based on the analysis of your child’s file. By opening a file at Buds in Bloom©, the clinical coordinator will be able to guide you to appropriate help resources, while your child waits for specialized services in the public sector.

The children and their families who benefit from our specialized services are waiting for a service in rehabilitation, health, special education or recreation. The children are infants or young children with difficulties such as a(n):

  • Risk for developmental or academic challenges;
  • Developmental delay;- Autism spectrum disorder (ASD, PDD, Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS);
  • Attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADD or ADHD);
  • Learning disability;- Intellectual disability;
  • Premature birth;
  • A mild, moderate or severe physical disability;-
  • Down syndrome or other syndrome;
  • Dyspraxia or developmental coordination disorder (DCD);-
  • Dysphasia, or language or speech impairment;
  • Dysphagia or difficulty eating or swallowing;
  • Another childhood challenge.

Other criteria for specialized services provided to children also may be needs and weaknesses in one or more of the following skills:

  • making friends, socializing, communicating, interacting with others, playing or being understood;
  • care of self, feeding, swallowing, eating, dressing, undressing, washing, going to the toilet, or doing daily tasks at home, at daycare or school;
  • focusing during meals, for homework, in class or with friends;
  • walking, jumping, running, climbing, throwing, catching or swinging on a swing;- pointing fingers, playing with toys, manipulating objects with their hands, or holding a pencil;
  • drawing, writing, or composing;- constructing block buildings, or doing puzzles;- reading;
  • etc.

Families have different needs and require specialized help. Following receipt of the two completed application forms, to open a file, we can determine your eligibility for our services and, when eligible, provide rapid access to a personalized pediatric program. The $49 fee file opening fee is processed only if you qualify.

To get rapid access to a specialized service, register your child today.


Designing the Personalized Pediatric Program

Block PlayOnce the preliminary steps are complete, the child and parents are referred to one or more of our network partners providing specialized services. Thus, before the family is referred, the personalized pediatric program is designed, block by block, in collaboration with the parents.

First, the Clinical Coordinator of Buds in Bloom©, a person skilled in childhood matters, analyzes the two application forms to determine the needs and resources of the child and family. Then that person designs a personalized pediatric program to contain one or more of the following components: therapeutic support, financial support, social-emotional support, educational support, etc. The components are selected based on the needs and resources of the family, and the availability of resources within the family’s geographic region. Next, parents meet with the Clinical Coordinator no later than two months after the opening of the file. During this parent meeting, the Clinical Coordinator presents to the parents the designed personalized pediatric program, to obtain their agreement, and determine, when necessary, the order in which the family will be referred to each of the needed resources. The Clinical Coordinator also considers the importance of parents balancing time, finances and beliefs about specialized services for their child.

If therapeutic support is required, and financial resources are available, first services may include evaluation, treatments and interventions by health care or educational professionals at home, daycare, school, summer camp or elsewhere, depending on needs and availability. Possible therapeutic services are the following:

  • occupational therapy;
  • speech-language pathology;
  • psychology;
  • psychoeducation;
  • special education;
  • tutoring;
  • physiotherapy;
  • other services such as workshops or courses for parents, directors and personnel of group programs (the hourly fee follows market standards).

Buds in Bloom© thus offers orientation and referral services to resources that can best meet child andProgramme2 family needs. The personalized pediatric program is individually designed, and consists of a range of specialized services for children, their parents and the family.

To request companionship or professional support at a summer day camp for your child’s safety, integration and fun, please, first, register your child, then submit your application no later than January 15 of the year the day camp is held. The search for a companion or the trainings to support the team at summer camp can then begin as early as March for a great start. The companionship of your child may be partially or fully funded by one of our partners in financial support. Sending your request several months in advance facilitates the identification of a suitable companion for your child, who will be trained according to your expectations. The companionship rate, which often corresponds to the minimum wage, follows market standards.

The summer day camp programs, clubs or group programs, may also receive our support when one or more of their members face challenges in participation, safety, integration or enjoyment. We get requests from directors of camps, clubs and group programs, when children registered in a group program face these challenges. Some of our network partners therefore work together with camp, club and group program directors and staff, as well as with parents, companions and volunteers. Directors of camps, clubs and group programs, as well as parents, can make a direct request for help with one child or several children in such a program. The request must be made no later than January 15 for summer camps starting in June or no later than six months prior to the start date of the club or group program. Trainings to support directors and personnel of camps, clubs or group programs can then commence as soon as four months before the program begins. Furthermore, for a great start, parents can always register a child for rapid access to a specialized service today. 


Starting the Personalized Pediatric Program

Our promise is to refer the child and family to at least one resource from our network. The first reference is a result of the meeting between the parents and the Buds in Bloom© Clinical Coordinator. Other references may follow, one at a time, as appropriate.


End of a Personalized Pediatric ProgramPorgramme8

The end of the program is determined by the parents with each of the partners involved. The family, may at any time, withdraw from the program. If this is the case, we would appreciate you contacting us in order to complete a short questionnaire explaining the reason for your decision. A follow-up by Buds in Bloom© may be made some time after the beginning of the personalized pediatric program, to evaluate your appreciation of the care your child and family received from network partners. Your opinion is important to the continued improvement of our services.