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Connection Kick Start© is the overarching name for three signature programs:
(1) Digital Storytelling Program
(2) Accompaniment Program
(3) The Resource Compass©

All of these Buds in Bloom programs connect families to community!

These activities are also all charitable in nature as follows.

(1) Digital Storytelling Program

Thanks to funding received from the City of Calgary’s Change Can’t Wait! initiative, Buds in Bloom launched The Buds in Bloom Digital Storytelling Program in July 2021.

The Buds in Bloom Digital Storytelling Program engages a small group of caregivers or parents of children with neurodiversity in an opportunity to co-create a Digital Story of an important moment in their family life. Caregivers and parents participate in a facilitated Digital Storytelling process with other families. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, this process is currently held entirely online (i.e., by Zoom).

Families with similar lived experience participate in a two-stage facilitated Digital Storytelling process of, first, co-creating a Digital Story with our trained Buds in Bloom Digital Storytelling Facilitator, and, then, sharing their two- to four-minute digital story with other caregivers and parents. Our goal with this process is for family members to have the opportunity to reflect on their experience, both on their own, and in relation to other families, to gain new insights, and ultimately to feel heard, honoured and validated.

To view short-films co-created by parents and our team click the images below:

Allyson's Story
Ashley's Story
Audrey's Story
Binti's Story
Taryn's Story
Brooke's Story
Cecile's Story
Doug's Story
Frances' Story
Jerry's Story
Kelsey and Glenn's Story
Kim's Story
Krista's Story
Melissa's Story
Sacha's Story
Sandi's Story
Taryn's Story

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in the Buds in Bloom Digital Storytelling Program, please contact us at

(2) Accompaniment Program

The Buds in Bloom Accompaniment Program will help children and their families access a community support or service based on family needs and resources. The location of the support or service depends on the child and family needs, and the family resources, as well as resources available in that geographic region.

(3) The Resource Compass©

The Resource Compass© is a novel online solution that Buds in Bloom is designing and developing to match children and families to community support and services that they need. We like to describe the Resource Compass© as a new Families-in-Bloom Resource Hub, which is being designed and developed by our IT Committee members with tips, tools and solutions on the way from healthy living to financial health resources.

This program sponsors are invited to support development. Stayed tuned!