Register a Child

Determining Eligibility

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A child and family are eligible to receive a personalized and timely orientation to a specialized service if the child meets the three following criteria: 

  1. Reside in the province of Quebec
  2. Be 12 years of age or less
  3. Have a concern about the child’s development, identified by a parent, professional or educator.

Note that if your child is not eligible for any of our services, the $49 file opening fee will not be processed.

*: If a referral to a specialized service is advisable, we may refer you to a specialized service in health such as medicine, occupational therapy (OT), speech therapy ( SLP ), psychology, physiotherapy, special education, psycho-education, and other expert support for children and their family, and/ or to a specialized service in parent education, parent groups, financial support, recreation, leisure, sports or arts program.

For a Great Start

First, please complete both bursary and family forms, and return them as soon as possible to the address indicated below. Next is the information about the process to get rapid access to a s specialized service.

Requesting to Open a File

Hand and PencilTo make a request for rapid access to a specialized service for your child and your family, we have to open a file on behalf of your family. To open a file, it is important to fully complete the bursery form and family form. Your child may be eligible for a bursary, grant, credit or family allowance depending on the combined family income, among other factors. Following receipt of your completed bursary form, we can analyze the family’s resources, and opportunities for your child to receive support from a partner in financial help. The family form comprises information on the development and needs of your child. Both forms are required to open a file.

Once completed, the two forms allow us to:

  1. confirm the eligibility of your child and family to receive one of our services
  2. analyze the file to identify family needs and resources
  3. help design a personalized pediatric program, tailored to your needs
  4. orient and, when needed, refer you to one or several network partner(s) in your area. When sending these forms, they must be accompanied by the required items mentioned in the form, and a minimal amount of $49 to cover the file opening fee. For only $1 more become a member and you have the right to vote at the Annual General Assembly meeting (AGA). It is thanks to our members that we can offer our services! 

Last, send the forms to the address found in the forms. 

Note that we must have the signatures of both the mother and the father (or legal guardians) of the child to open a file. Upon receipt of the forms and all other required items, we will open the file for your family. Opening a file does not obligate you to continue with our organization’s services.