The long wait times and many wait lists in pediatric health centers across Canada, and the growing need for children and their family to access specialized treatment services in health care, education, summer camps and other group programs, are the main reasons why Buds in Bloom© was founded in 2011.

To get help, parents inevitably turn to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, school boards, or toward city departments offering services in sports and recreation, far too often having to wait. In fact, for over ten years now, parents report having to wait up to four years before their child receives specialized services in health care, education, or leisure and recreation. Children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continue to face particularly long wait times.

These wait times cause very high stress levels in parents. In fact, according to research studies, there is evidence that parents with a child with ASD show a significantly higher level of stress compared to parents of children with another disability or other special needs than autism. In addition, the costs incurred to provide these children health care, social services, education, sports and recreation services represent billions of dollars for the government and society. Simply put, these dollars could be saved, invested and multiplied with a simple shift in health care. Indeed, the cost of specialized services could be significantly reduced by intervening during infancy and early childhood, and by providing parents and the family with the tools and support to help their child bloom today, without wait times.

Buds in Bloom© suggests solutions to transform wait times in public pediatric systems across Canada. To learn about these solutions, visit the services for children page.