Sponsor a Family

You are invited to Be a Life Changer and sponsor a child and family!

Your sponsorship serves to cover the cost of Connection Kick Start©, child and family support programs, offered free to children and families, thanks to your sponsorship. To sponsor a child and family, choose the age range, sex/gender, ethnicity and/or diagnosis (degree of varying ability disability or specific disorder) of the child (children) and family (families) you wish to sponsor.

Every $50 gives a child and family free access to begin Connection Kick Start©.

Every $1,000 helps a child and family receive a Connection Kick Start© program entirely free.

Every $10,000 translates into 200 children and families getting free access to begin Connection Kick Start©, and get rapid access to community resources.

So, each dollar goes a long way!

Contact us to sponsor a child and family of your choice.

For all other possible ways to contribute, consult our Contribute page.