Network Partners

One objective of our organization is to expand our network of partners from coast to coast, starting with Quebec, to offer all children from birth to 12 years of age who have autism or other disabilities rapid access to a specialized service. To submit your request to be network partner, register today.

Eligibility Criteria

1- Be an organization or agency of professionals, therapists, practitioners, community volunteers that helps children and families in a major city of the province of Quebec. 

2- Offer expertise in diagnostic evaluations, treatments, therapies or other family support services such as financial guidance, parent support groups or educational workshops. 

3- Share a common goal of ensuring that children bloom today.

The Buds in Bloom© network of partners presently includes professionals, therapists, practitioners, community organizations and agencies that help children and families in the regions of Montreal and Quebec City. Our partners offer their expertise in diagnostic evaluations, treatments, therapies or other family support services. These complimentary services allow families and children to enjoy a wide range of specialized and personalized programs according to the needs of each family. The common goal of our partners is to ensure that children bloom today.

Are you part of a community organization or a group of professionals or interventionists? Would you like to help reduce wait times for children and their families? Join our network of partners today.

Our network of partners consists of professionals in the areas of occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, psychoeducation, psychology, behavior analysis, special education, recreational therapy, or other areas of health, social services, education, recreation and sports, and family support. The network of partners offers personalized pediatric programs subsidized by medical or health insurance, foundations for children, or donations, when the family is eligible. Once a file is open with Buds in Bloom©, the needs and resources of the child and family are studied to design a personalized pediatric program.

A personalized pediatric program may include a workshop or intervention at home, daycare, school, in a clinic or in the community, provided by our network of professionals and interventionists. Professional service fees follow market standards, ranging from about $60 to $130 per hour, not including travel costs, if any. Fees depend on the number of years of professional experience, educational level, expertise in pediatrics, as well as other factors such as the type of service offered. The personalized pediatric program is customized for each child and family, depending on the services offered by the network partners in the family’s geographic area. Consequently, therapy is not always part of the program. The choice is made by parents, in collaboration with the Buds in Bloom© clinical coordination team, according to needs and resources of each child and family.

To join the network of partners, please send us an email with a letter of motivation and the completed new partner form.


ABC Therapies inc.

Caroline Girard psychoeducator

Enoya s.e.n.c.

Etoile de Pacho

Kiddo Active Therapy

Leetal Cuperman speech-language pathologist

R. J. Spencer Financial Group

SACCADE, centre in autism expertise