Board of Directors

François Beaulieu, Michèle Hébert, Amine Amar,
Kevan Lillace (not shown on photo), Lori Bonnett (not shown on photo)
Vacant Director Positions:
– Director at Large
– Director of Clinical Coordination
– Director of Marketing and Public Relations
François Beaulieu, MBA, Treasurer, Director of Finance, engineer, accountant & Dad

For several years now, my professional and personal life have kept me real busy. I recently completed a Master’s in Business Administration, while working in real estate development. Plus, I now am the Dad of a little girl since October 2016. On these two aspects of my life, I am a fulfilled man; I can’t ask for better. That being said, I always wanted to get involved in a social cause with an organization that is dear to my heart. In fact, the birth of my daughter opened my eyes: time is not tomorrow, but rather in the immediate present.  Why put off to tomorrow, things than can be realised today? That’s why, when I discovered Bourgeons en Éclat | Buds in Bloom, I said to myself: “Here it is! I finally found it!” Indeed, the desire to want to help young children and young families, which is part of the DNA of Bourgeons en Éclat | Buds in Bloom, really attracted me. I felt like diving right in. This is why I chose to get involved with this organization. I hope to give back to families who do not always have the same chances as I had with mine.

Michèle Hébert, Ph.D., Founder, Chair, Executive Director, Rehabilitation Scientist &
Paediatric Occupational Therapist

After practicing paediatric occupational therapy in the U.S.A., upon my return to Canada in 2000, I quickly discovered long wait times for children and families to access specialized services. My journey to transform the status quo for families living with a child who has a disability started with six years of public sector service in Montreal paediatric programs. My knowledge deepened about the widening gaps in specialized services in hospitals, schools and rehabilitation centres, as well as the number of children who faced wait times from months to years, and in some cases over a decade before having access to a government funded program. Thus, I firstly started a private practice that rapidly required hiring a team of interventionists. In 2009, the team grew to 15 therapists and interventionists who provided services in the child’s setting, at home, daycare or school. Their service provision was either one-on-one or in group programs such as the adapted summer day camp, Blitz Club (sports-social), SIBS Club for sibling support, as well as in schools with workshops for handwriting, motor competencies, making friends, to name a few programs. The practice was transformed into a non-profit organization in 2011, to generously give back to the community. During this timeframe, the geographic region we served was limited to the Island of Montreal and the greater Montreal area. In 2015, this restricted region brought the organization to cease providing therapy and intervention services. This time is when the organization turned to already existing community resources and specialized service providers. The new structure has helped multiply the number of children and families who we’ve helped. Presently, the network of partners of Bourgeons en Éclat | Buds in Bloom has service providers in Montreal and in Quebec City. Also, we aim to help Albertan families, by recruiting network partners in Alberta.

Amine Amar, Director at Large, Director of Operations, Business Man & Dad

When I chose to give my time as a volunteer, it was important to me to give my time for an organization that serves children with special needs; an organization that helps families to access better and more rapid care. I’ve been involved in Bourgeons en Éclat | Buds in Bloom since 2017. If I chose to do so, it’s because I find the best of both worlds in this organization. On one hand, I get to contribute my knowledge and expertise, and, on the other hand, I am committed to bringing relief, hope and empowerment to families. Children and their family are our future. That’s why helping them is so dear to my heart!

Kevan Lillace, Director at Large, Business Man & Dad

Profile to come.

Lori Bonnett, Lawyer, Secretary, Mom and Grandma

Profile to come.

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Our Board of directors is devoted to the advancement of our vision for children and their family. The Directors of the Board also support the mission of the organization through their passion, their respective expertise and their shared belief that all children have the right to bloom today. Composed of talented and dedicated volunteers, the Board oversees the growth and the achievement of targets set, in collaboration with the volunteer committees. Through their continuous efforts and their generous contribution, all of our team participates unequivocally to the transformation of service access challenges faced by children and their family.

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