Together, creating a world where every child of varying abilities and their family are given a chance to bloom today by bringing relief, hope and empowerment.

Our vision:

A world where all children of varying abilities and their family have access to the support services they need in health, education, social services, sports, leisure and recreation.

Our values and beliefs:

We believe in relief.
We believe that new action and new results start with knowing that we care, and that families are not alone.

We believe in hope.
We believe that timely access to pediatric treatments and specialized services is possible today.

We believe in empowerment.
We believe that parents are the key advocates to providing a good quality of life to their children.

We believe in togetherness.
We believe that growth of communities starts with our collective help for every child and family to contribute in their way.

Therefore, the mission of Buds in Bloom© is to create a world where all young children of varying abilities and their family have rapid access to support services. Together, we bring relief, hope and empowerment today. Our mission is thus to offer rapid access to a support service to every young child and family, who live with varying abilities, and who wait for specialized services in health, education, social services, sports, leisure or recreation.

In fact, Buds in Bloom©, nonprofit child and family organization, is an innovative referral resource for families living with or at risk for a form of autism , an attention deficit ( ADD or ADH-D ) or developmental delay, a physical or intellectual disability, or who require special attention (academic, medical or integration help). Thanks to our members and contributors who agree to swiftly take action, the child and their family can start receiving support services on average between four weeks and two months.

Combining clinical evidence-based practices, a proactive approach, creativity and compassion, our organization is like no other. Our philosophy is to work for children and their family by orienting and referring them, to community resources as rapidly as possible. The support services are selected according to the unique needs and financial resources of each child and family.

Our commitment is to bring each family relief, hope and empowerment. Children and their family are our future, and therefore helping them is at the heart of what we do!

Our Mandate

Buds in Bloom©, nonprofit child and family organization, has the mandate of offering children with autism, disabilities or a developmental delay access to a specialized service for children and families.

Because compassion is part of who we are.

We are proud to offer children access through our referral and orientation services to community resources including experts in occupational therapy ( OT ), speech-language pathology ( SLP ), psychology, physiotherapy ( PT ), psycho – education, and other specialized support, family and parent support groups, financial solutions, education workshops for the family. Together, in a collective effort to make a difference, the mission is advanced for our children and their family to blossom today.