Learning Opportunity 

Autism Best Occupational Therapy Practice

With a commitment to advance best practices across Canada for children with autism and their family, as part of an ABC Therapies inc. initiative, Dr. Hébert will be presenting webinars in 2018. Stay tuned!

Fundraising Events

Today’s campaign initiatives are in both Quebec and Alberta with several fundraisers:

  1. Shop to Give to Kids, in collaboration with Abby’s Office and volunteers in Montreal Quebec, we have over $10,000 worth in therapy equipment, material, games and books to sell. 100% of the proceeds are given to the non-profit organization. If you want everything included, you save $4,000 by paying only $6,000. To start shopping, contact us at info@BudsinBloom.org or click on this link to see a few items for sale.
  2. Creative Fundraisers, in collaboration with Make-A-Wish Quebec, there is an opportunity to create a silent auction of paintings in different commercial centres throughout the province of Quebec. To contribute, contact Kevin at contribution@BudsinBloom.org
  3. Little Stars à la mode, fashion show-brunch benefit, Buds in Bloom© is proud to announce the first ever NEW fundraising event to be held Saturday June 1st 2019, in Calgary Alberta. In collaboration with generous contributors, designers, models and children, we invite your participation and contribution by contacting Tanya at collections@BudsinBloom.org
  4. Bloomin’ Hilarity! Buds in Bloom© is proud to be developing the fundraising campaign Bloomin’ Hilarity!  for our children and their family. In collaboration with generous donors and lots of belly laughter, we invite your contribution by contacting us at info@BudsinBloom.org.  

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Thanks to our generous contributors, since the first fundraising event in 2009, over 300 children received rapid access to a specialized service in less than two months of the family request.

The 48-Hour Ride in 2015 of Make-A-Wish Quebec was a huge success. Our Buds on Wheels team contributed to the event September 25, 26, 27. A shared 48 hours that were touching and powerful, highlighted by the hundreds of children in Quebec, and the thousands of children in the world who had their wish granted by Make-A-Wish. Two important surveys reported unpredictable benefits by a wish being granted. In 2013, one survey of 3000 adults who had their wish granted as children, showed that nearly 100% of participants say that their well-being was improved after getting their wish. Plus, more than 70% reported that their granted wish saved their life! Our experience at this event reinforces the Buds in Bloom© mission; to offer our children with autism or other special needs what they need today without wait times.

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Even before the foundation of Buds in Bloom© in 2011, several events already allowed us to help our children. In 2009, the Kids Therapy Now event, sponsored by West Jet Airlines and the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Banff, helped raise more than $4,000. This amount served to give bursaries to 5 children to help give rapid access to a specialize service. These services included an adapted sports program, treatment or early intervention. A modest start, but oh how encouraging!

In 2010, volunteers gathered over 200 free plants, which were sold at the Buds for Children event held at the Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School. Local merchants also got involved in the Toonie for Tots fundraising campaign. We are proud that the total proceeds help the cause!!