Become A Member

Are you interested in becoming a Voting Member? From coast to coast, we invite Voting Members to join the mission to help give children and families access to support in their geographic region.

To submit your request to become a Voting Member of the cause, contact us at
For other opportunities to help, consult our Contribute page.

Eligibility Criteria to be a Voting Member

  1. Share a common goal or interest of ensuring that every child and family blooms today. In brief, Voting Members are committed to advancing our mission.
  2. Be an individual, organization, agency or group that provides professional or community services to support children and/or their family in Canada. Examples of professional or community services are in diagnostic evaluations, treatment, therapy, intervention or other support services such as financial support, parent and family support groups or parent education, workshops for children and families, recreation, leisure, sports programs, and more.
  3. Duly pay the annual membership fee of $100. Updates to annual fees are sent to Voting Members in advance of the Annual General Meeting, which is typically held in March every year.

Eligibility to be Voting Member is determined by the Board of Directors. Either the Buds in Bloom Secretary or Chair will let you know when your application is processed.

Why Become a Voting Member?

By becoming a Buds in Bloom Voting Member, you will be a part of a collective mission to connect children and families to community. Together, bringing Relief, Hope, Empowerment!

Please feel free to contact us for more information at

Benefits of Being a Voting Member

Benefits include the privilege

  1. To have a voice and vote on matters regarding Buds in Bloom.
  2. To learn about opportunities, projects and plans before they are shared with the public.
  3. To share a mission.
  4. To receive regular updates.
  5. Have a public profile. (if you want one)

To become a Voting Member, please send an email to with a request to become a Voting Member and your motivation to join.